These two beers are part of a dual collab between Hop Nation Brewing Co and Mountain Culture Beer Co

This is the the story of how the concept for QUICK JAZZ Oat Cream IPA was conceived.



The story of Ukulele Solo begins the night before Mountain Culture's Rauchbier festival. As the first part of our dual release collab the two breweries spent time together up at the Katoomba brewpub to lay down a traditional Maibock, but the real fun happened when the lights went out and we locked the doors, you see, what happened was… -REDACTED- …it was quite the night!

Months later, when everyone had almost recovered, we were able to package a full bodied, crisp finishing lager that perfectly displays the complex interplay of hoppy bitterness and sweet malty undertones. The name was thought up at approximately 3:21am.


This time, Mountain Culture crew came to hang in the west with Hop Nation in Footscray, before heading south to Mornington where the brew began. We’d love to share the deets, but you know what they say: what happens on the Peninsula, stays on the Peninsula.

Instead, we invite you to enjoy the creamy, velvety, juicy fruits of our labour. You’ll experience dank and guava notes with a mass of peach and apricot on the palate. It’s a combination of harmonic structure, instrumental virtuosity and melodic tempo.