In 2021, we began to craft Alc-Free beers, as an alternative for non-drinkers and occasions when people want to avoid alcohol. We thought there was a gap in the market for quality-focused Alc-Free beer, and that formed the basis for our challenge - to craft top-quality Alc-Free brews for beer-lovers that we would also enjoy.


2021: Mind Ya Head XPA first released, under the name 'Fresh as a Daisy'

2022: Opening Doors Hazy Pale, Pura Vida Guava & Pine Sour and No Fool Raspberry Sour hit the market

2022: Mind Ya Head is awarded the gold medal for Australia‚ #1 Non-Alcoholic Beer at the 2022 Australian International Beer Awards

2023: Stars Align Stout joins the range

2024: Passing Storm West Coast IPA launched and No Buzz, younger sibling of the awarded Buzz arrives


Our Alc-Free beers are made alongside all of our beers, by the same legendary brew team who make the whole range.

Our Alc-Free beers are made in basically the same way as our other beers, with these distinctions:

  • Less malt, as less is needed
  • Hopping rates are the same as our IPAs
  • The yeast used only ferments simple sugars, resulting in less alcohol production


Our challenge in creating/perfecting/improving our Alc-Free range is getting these beers to taste as close as possible to the original styles. Some notes here from brewer Tim about the beers.

Opening Doors Alc-Free Hazy Pale
As of December 2023, we have improved the recipe and it’s better than ever. Think specialty release Hazy, but more session-able. The hazy texture is there and hop intensity is as you’d wish for the style.

Mind Ya Head Alc-Free XPA
With a focus on Aussie hops, you’d be hard-pressed to pick this as Alc-Free in a blind tasting.

Stars Align Alc-Free Stout
Classic stout aromas and flavours with a lighter body and a touch more brightness than it’s brooding cousins.

Passing Storm Alc-Free West Coast IPA
WCIPA is famous for clean, resinous bitterness, malt sweetness and citrus/pine aromas/flavours from the hops. Passing Storms aims to deliver these promises, wrapped up in a slightly lighter mouthfeel where the resinous punch is the star.

No Buzz Alc-Free American Red 
The younger sibling to The Buzz, packed with Aussie and American hops, and as much malt as we could pack into the can. A lighter, brighter version, a nod to the original, without the booze.