What do we mean by, Lagered for longer?

A Classic Pilsner that is lagered for a longer period, typically around 8 weeks, offers several benefits that can contribute to a superior taste and quality compared to beers that are not lagered for as long.

During the extended lagering process, the beer is allowed to ferment and mature at colder temperatures, which promotes the development of a smoother and cleaner flavour profile.

The longer lagering time also allows for the beer to clarify and settle, resulting in a crisper appearance and reduced sediment.

Additionally, the extended lagering period can lead to improved carbonation and mouthfeel, with a finer and more delicate texture on the palate.

Overall, the extended lagering time in a classic pilsner can result in a beer with a more refined and balanced taste, making it a preferred choice for discerning beer drinkers.

So, for those who appreciate the nuances of a well-crafted pilsner, a longer lagering time can enhance the drinking experience and result in a superior beer.

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