Become a Citizen!

See below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding your membership and reaping the rewards of being a Hop Citizen!


How do I sign up in for the Hop Citizens Membership Program?

1. Purchase Here!
2. Enter your details to create your account or buy/renew your membership.
3. Follow the prompts to finish registration.

The sign up process can also be completed at our Footscray Taproom.

Once registration is completed, you can start earning points and enjoy membership exclusive rewards and benefits!  The cost is $90 dollars members annually.

What happened to the Far membership?

For the time being, we've discontinued the far membership for new sign ups, but will continue to offer the benefits for already existing members until their expiry date. For any questions pertaining to this, please email

I want to buy a membership as a gift.

Memberships are the gift that keeps on giving! Refer to the sign up instructions above, but make sure you provide all the details for the recipient upon purchase if you purchase through our online store (first and last name of recipient, birthday, address for delivery, phone number and email address).

You can also sign up at our Footscray Taproom.

Can I still use my digital card?

We no longer need to scan a QR to register points, but the card is a great way to prove membership without having something else in your wallet. 

How do I log in to my account?

We've recently changed our membership programme software, so logging into your account is now as simple as logging into the online store on our website, and clicking the "check rewards" button on the bottom right of your screen.



How do I redeem points? 


  1. Login to our Shopify store (top right hand side of the website).
  2. Click on the widget to open your Membership account. 
  3. Select a reward and to offset total bill of purchase click > Use > Confirm > Apply Code. 
  4. Proceed to the shop, choose the reward item and carry on with payment as usual. Discount code is automatically added to the total purchase.
  5. Purchase completed with discount (reward) applied.

Offline - In Store 

  1. Simply ask our bar staff to redeem your chosen reward.

Members can check how many reward they have accumulated by logging into their Account on the Hop Nation Website. 

How do I get my 10% off purchases?


  1. Login to our Shopify store (top right hand side of the website).
  2. Click on the widget to open your Membership account. 
  3. Click on "Rewards" > 10% off Online Purchases > Use > Confirm > Apply Code
  4. Proceed to cart and checkout as usual. Discount code is automatically applied to the total purchase.

Offline-In Store (via tablet at taproom) 

  1. Show your Hop Citizen Member card to the staff and they will apply the discount.

Where can I use points?

Through our online store and the tap room.

How do I earn points?

For every 1 dollar you spend at the tap room or online you earn 1 point. You can also receive points by referring a friend. Once they sign up you automatically get your points added.

What if I didn’t get my points added on my last purchase?

Contact us through the online form. Please make sure you have a copy of your transaction. We cannot not process points without evidence of your purchase.

Do points expire?

All points issued have a validity period of your 12 month membership period, so be sure to redeem your rewards before they expire!

Can I exchange points?

Points are strictly not exchangeable or refundable and can only be used to redeem rewards across our stores.

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