A Trans Tasman Collaborational between Rhyme and Reason Brewery + Hop Nation Brewing Co. 

Facilitated by our mates at Carwyn Cellars in Australia and Beer Jerk in New Zealand.

While Haast's Eagle has been extinct for several centuries, we do have a chance at keeping the Tasmanian Devil alive - and for a few really good reasons. 

These small but mighty ecosystem engineers have big implications for the environment around them. As scavengers they help keep their home free from disease. As top predators, the Devils push back feral cats and foxes, allowing Australia’s native small mammals to recover. These small mammals in turn enrich soils and disperse seeds as they forage, helping forests regenerate. By burying leaf litter, they actually reduce the intensity of wildfires.

Visit Team Re:wild to find out more.

Devil joey at Aussie Ark (Photo by Aussie Ark)

Devil joey at Aussie Ark (Photo by Aussie Ark)